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these are the first two panels of a doctor who comic i was making a few weeks ago but never finished and im not even sure where i was going with it now and yet in a way i feel as if it works on its own

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i’m very attached to polygonal animals with carbon copy personalities in different skins 

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I understand a lot of the problems tumblr may have with the Superwholock/Harry Potter/etc fandoms; the hipster post “take overs,” the occasional “she wears short skirts i wear t shirts” elitist fan, the idea that only these fandoms exist, and the anglophilic attitude that romanticizes Britain and often equates Britan = England.

But lately I have been seeing A LOT of hatred for any type of interest in these shows or books as a result, even so much as a mention will cause public shaming on a post. And it’s silly!! I'm not in the fandoms myself (well, I do like doctor who but that's about it), but it seems a bit much! A lot of the people I see complaining about this are often in fandoms who’ve done silly shit themselves but wouldn’t want to be judged on the basis of that. As long as someone isn’t being rude, I think it’s ridiculous to make someone feel bad for liking a show or a book or a movie.

But that’s just me.

It’s come to my attention that

some people are posting my comics (ie not reblogging and not sourcing)

if you’d see this I’m gonna have to ask you to please do me a favor and source the content back to this blog. You don’t have to call the OP out, just source it. A lot of comics that got little exposure here are apparently doing better after being stolen.

I’ll post a new comic soon.

Thank you!

finals week is here

Golly gee whiz, 100 followers!!

Seriously, thank you guys. Comics are one of my favorite things and I’m glad that you all enjoy mine! It means a lot to me. I hope I can continue to make stuff that you guys enjoy! <3

How exciting!